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    For your convenience, we have three locations in Chicago, Archer Heights and Lombard. In each of our locations and for each of our dentists, our patients are our first priority. That extends from our inviting and comfortable reception areas to arranging appointments around your availability. We are known for offering affordable care and gentle, virtually painless treatments. We understand many of our patients have dental anxiety and we work closely with these patients, supporting them through all of their visits, listening to their concerns. We are also dedicated to preventive care and patient education. We know that there is a strong connection between an individual’s oral health and their overall well-being.

    While recording Chicago XI, longtime producer James William Guercio 's smothering artistic control had reached its breaking point, with the band deciding to take their career into their own hands and strike out on their own after finishing the album with him. However, as big a change in their career as Guercio's dismissal would be for Chicago, it would be minor in comparison to the tragedy that awaited them.