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    Ticket Sales Are Subject To The Following Conditions:
    Warning: The following text has been known to cause people to send us enraged emails containing all manner of accusations, ranging from the generic "you have an attitude problem", to "your website is fascist". Be advised that a potentially condescending tone follows. Shields up, please.
    Ticket sales are in person only. That means we don't sell tickets over the phone, or online.  Call Ticketmaster .
    Prices do not include a modest service charge, which we use to line our pockets with.  This service charge is added to the base ticket price, and is NOT refundable, for any reason, including cancelled shows. To be fair, however, if the show was cancelled, and you want to exchange the returned tickets for tickets to another show, we will waive the service charge on that transaction.
    Additionally, you will often find that the ticket price advertised by the promoter, and the price actually printed on the ticket, is different. In some cases, the promoter of the show may add a facility fee, a parking fee, a ferry fee, or just a plain old extra fee, in addition to the advertised ticket price. We charge the price that is printed on the ticket, plus our service charge. As a result, you may find that occasionally our total price is higher than another outlet; this is beyond our control, and we are obligated to charge whatever price the promoter has printed on the physical ticket. Please complain elsewhere.
    Due to the nature of our ticket sales,  scalpers  can be a big problem on certain shows. We do our best to discourage any tickets ending up with scalpers, but it can be difficult. If we think for even a second that you're a scalper, the service charge is $ per ticket, plus we get to laugh at you. Moreover, if we suspect you're the teenaged lackey of a known scalper who has been banned from the store, the service charge is $ per ticket plus you get a grazer.
    In the spirit of fairness, we do NOT hold tickets for anyone, EVER.  Sorry, but this is absolute and there are no exceptions for ANYONE, including Pierre, Brian, Greg, Savannah or Jess's friends. We take this very seriously, and have lost friendships in our efforts to ensure ticketing fairness.
    Also, please understand that due to the wonders of the internet, quite often you will know about a show before we do, and  sometimes even before the promoter themselves do. As soon as any given promoter has officially announced a show, then we will be at liberty to discuss it, but before that time, it's all myth and rumour.
    Thanks for listening, and again, we apologize for all the tyranny.